C20 pearl sugar


A product obtained from sugar which undergoes a unique agglomeration process. The sugar pearls have a fairly round shape. Perfectly white pearls. Neutral odour, with a sweet aroma.

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Product reference: 601602 Categories: , Weight: 1000g


It withstands high temperatures without melting thanks to its composition. It can be applied in a multitude of preparations where crunchy sugar is desired. It can be used in panettone, lionesas, profiteroles, brioches, butter cookies, craquelins. Particularly suitable for decorating: buns, puff pastries, cakes, spiced breads, glazed cakes, chocolates.

Storage conditions:

Vida útil de 24 meses desde fecha de producción de la materia prima, en las condiciones de almacenado especificadas. Conservar en lugar fresco (12-30ºC) y seco (< 65% HR).


Multilayer PET + LDPE bag of 1 kg.

Nutritional information for 100g of product:

  • Energy - 1700 KJ/400 Kcal
  • Fat - 0,0 g
    • Saturated - 0,0 g
  • Carbohydrates - 99.8 g
    • Sugars - 99.8 g
  • Fibre - 0,0 g
  • Protein - 0,0 g
  • Salt - 0,0 g


No Contains


100% sugar.


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